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Yes, Christine Columbus is my real name.
I was my parents sixth child and my dad decided they needed a Chris in the family...and my mother would say that she thought when my dad went up to the nurse station he would have told them that Christine was spelled Kristine... so I was almost Kristine Columbus.

When I first began writing I eagerly shared my stories with my children, but when I began writing romance, I'd slap my notebook shut when they asked, “Can I read it?”  

The next thing I knew my son was telling some Tall Tales about his mom writing XXX rated material.

I have been a member of Midwest Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America since 2002. I have taken numerous writing classes because I like to be read.

My favorite comment from Professor Patrick at the University of Iowa,he wrote, “I always looked forward to reading your work. You are a glitter of gold in a box of sand.”

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