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     Nothing At All
     A children's story that was  published in            Half Price Books, Once Upon A Bedtime. 

Nothing At All

After Mom said good night, I lay quietly in bed. That’s when I heard a creak from down the hall and I said, “Must be nothing at all.”

               “What did you say, Mike?” Mom asked.

               “It must be nothing at all,” I said.

               “What was that?” Mom asked.

               “That noise down the hall must be nothing at all,” I said.

               “Hush and go to sleep, Mike. You don’t want to be tired for school tomorrow.”

               A few minutes later, I heard clinks and a clang. I knew that noise was something besides nothing at all. I stayed still and listened a long time.After a while I realized those were the sounds Mom made when she washed the dishes.

               Then a soft knock-knock came from underneath my bed. Leaning over the edge I whispered, “Nothing At All, is that you?”

               His answer I could not hear because Nothing At All is so small that I cannotsee him or hear him. But Nothing At All is big enough to make a noise when heruns into things.

               “Hey, Nothing At All, I heard you bump into something down the hall when you were out running around. Are you okay? Were you checking to see that everything was fine? Were the doors locked?

               I listened until I heard him reply with a hmmmm sound.

               That was Nothing At All and I knew everything was all right. I rolled over andsnuggled down into my covers and closed my eyes. I like knowing that the noisesI hear at night come from Nothing At All.