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Happy Meal


Mark's mother was notoriously stubborn and when she set her mind to dining at McDonald's there was no persuading her. He suspected his mom was up to something but would have never guessed that their weekly dinners out would end up with so many Happy Meals to come.

(10 pages) - sweet



  FAR - Fallen Angel Review:

Mark takes his widowed mother out for dinner each Thursday night. For the past month she chooses McDonald's. He tries to dissuade her but she's adamant. 

Mark orders the meal and the strawberry shake spills on a pretty woman with two sons. He offers to pay for her dry cleaning, but she takes it all in stride, having two sons she's had worse happen. Mark is attracted to her strength of character and easy going way. 

Mark?s mother asks where her shake is and Mark points to the woman. She knows Amy and invites her and the boys to sit with them. Mark senses his mom is up to something. He just needs to figure out what. 

Happy Meal is a sweet, fun, happy reading. Christine Columbus knows how to develop characters quickly and makes them real to her readers. The endearing relationship between mother and son is refreshing. Happy Meal is yet another hit from Christine Columbus.