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First Class Male


Jenny decided to walk to the Post Office to pick up the package her co-workers claimed was waiting for her. However, when she got there the handsome clerk was unable to find the parcel, but he did find her heart.

(10 pages) - sweet


Fallen Angel Review:

Jennifer Jones has it all. A good job, graduate degree, she's even lost twenty pounds recently. But she doesn't have a boyfriend. It's not that she's not attracted to men, she likes walking to the post office by way of the construction site. But why risk getting your heart broken? 

Jennifer's co-workers, Lindsay and Lisa, think it's time for her to loosen up and find a man. They send her to UPS to get a package. She knows how they operate but goes on her errand in spite of it. 

When she arrives there's no package. Just as she figured, nothing for her, but the view is worth the trip. Tall, dark haired brown-eyed Blake can't find the package and takes Jennifer's number in case it

Reviewed by Jade Taylor 
Christine Columbus has a strong voice and uses it to tell delightful short stories. In FIRST CLASS MALE, Jenny Jones takes the scenic route to find her true love at the Post Office. Blake is a good-looking hero any woman would enjoy flirting with, but Jenny falls in love with his sweet personality and thoughtfulness. It's a blast cheering these two on.