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Drama Queen

Did Mark bestow more than his mother's dog? Will Michelle's unexpected pet bring more than drama into her life?

(17 pages) sweet


From Fallen Angels Review (FAR)

When Mrs. Henderson passes away, Michelle is surprised by the gift that her son, the local grocery manager, brings to her. Not only is Michelle surprised by the gift, a white fluffy dog named Muffy, but Mark is not the balding middle age man she had imagined. She envisions him in tight jeans and two stepping. Mark isn?t the only one caught off guard. He imagined her as an elderly lady. But they are both pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 

Of course Muffy is not your average, laid back dog. This four-legged friend has some definite opinions that keep Michelle hopping and Mark riding to her rescue. Is this little Drama Queen who they need to finally find love? 

Drama Queen is a quick, entertaining read. Christine Columbus packs a lot of description and romance into seventeen pages. Christine knows how to grab the reader?s attention from page one. I recommend this to anyone that loves romance and animals. I loved the way Muffy's character enhanced the storyline. The main characters? response to her really brings this little story to life. With its blend of refreshing humor and heartwarming romance, Drama Queen is sure to please.