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Coffee and Love To Go


Dan is surprised to find out he is the topic of conversation on a women's talk show about meaningful glances. For the last two weeks when he stops for his cup of coffee, he has noticed a beautiful woman with red hair and now she's on the air asking the listeners if she should make the first move and talk to him.

(12 pages) - sweet


Fallen Angel Reviews - Recommended Read

Coffee And Love To Go

Missy phones into Coffee Chat, a local radio talk show, hoping to get advice from Connie, the talk show host. Intrigued by Missy’s situation, Connie asks listeners to call in and give their opinion, should Missy make a move on Mr. Coffee?

Meanwhile the mystery coffeehouse man, Dan, happens to catch the broadcast and puts two and two together. Skim latte=beautiful redhead. 

After a few bobbled meeting mishaps at the coffee shop Dan decides to take a chance on love and calls in to Coffee Chat. If he really wants Missy will he overcome his shyness to go after what he wants?

Coffee and Love To Go is a sweet story about the beginning of a relationship.Christine Columbus hits a nerve with the two shy characters that need help coming together. They find it with help from a radio talk show. Coffee and Love To Go is a must read. My only regret is it didn’t last long enough. I look forward to reading more by Christine Columbus.

Reviewed by: Tracey